Call for Papers | 15th ECDS

The 15th Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students will be held on October 22th-25th, 2021, at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China).
Abstract submission will be open at 9:00AM, May 10.

About the Conference

The Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students on New Theories and New Technology of Environmental Science and Engineering, is jointly held by Tsinghua University, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (Environmental Education Committee), Young Scientists’ Association of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Environmental Quality, and State Key Joint Laboratory of Environment Simulation and Pollution Control, sponsored by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology and Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering(Journal, IF=4.155). Adhering to the purpose of “academic exchange towards innovation, wide accumulation towards great ideas,” the conference is themed “New Theories and New Technology of Environmental Science and Engineering”. It has been actively serving as a high-level academic platform for PhD students from environmental sciences and related disciplines.

Conference Themes

1 Water Pollution Control and Recycling

1.1 Urban Sewageand Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Process
1.2 SurfaceWater Pollution Control
1.3 GroundwaterPollution Control
1.4 DrinkingWater Safety and Disinfection Byproducts
1.5 Water Supplyand Drainage Engineering Technology
1.6 Wastewater Recycling

2 Environmental Chemistry

2.1 POPs and Emerging Pollutants
2.2 Environmental Materials Chemistry
2.3 Environmental Toxicology
2.4 Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

3 Environmental Ecology and Health

3.1 Extreme Events and Ecological Health
3.2 Biogeochemical Cycle
3.3 Environmental and Ecological Restoration
3.4 Soil Environment Changes and Remediation

4 Air Pollution and Control

4.1 Atmospheric Physics and Environmental Chemistry
4.2 Air Pollution Control
4.3 Air Pollution (haze) Monitoring, Forecasting and Warning
4.4 Air Emission Inventory and Analysis of Pollution Sources
4.5 Air Pollution Diffusion Model and Application

5 Solid Waste Pollution Control and Recycling

5.1 Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal
5.2 Solid Waste Recycling
5.3 Solid Waste Management

6 Environmental Economics, Management and Policy

6.1 Urban Environmental Planning and Management Policy
6.2 Large Scale Environmental System Analysis and Simulation
6.3 Environmental Policy Analysis

7 Implementation pathways, mechanisms and policies for CO2 emissions peak and carbon neutrality

7.1 Energy System Modeling and Policy
7.2 New Energy Resource Assessment and Policy
7.3 Carbon Cycle and Climate Change
7.4 Energy Storage and Utilization of Renewable Energy

Important Dates

(1)Deadline of abstract submission: July 11, 2021
(2)Notification of accepted abstracts: September 7-10, 2021
(3)Confirmation of attendance and registration of personal information: September 13-17, 2021
(4)Deadline of full-paper submission (voluntary): September 30, 2021
(5)Deadline of visitor registration: October 17, 2021
(6)Conference registration: October 21, 2021
(7)Conference dates: October 22-25, 2021



Master’s, PhD students, and postdoctoral fellows in China and abroad who are engaged in environmental studies and related disciplines (all including those who will graduate in July, 2021). At the same time, the current master’s, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows can attend this conference for free, through follow-up registration as visitors (please join our Wechat group via Official Wechat account, and register at the official website).

Fees and Accommodation

This conference will not charge a registration fee. A nearby hotel for accommodation (October 21-25) and an invoice for reimbursement will be provided for participants (only those who do oral presentations) whose universities are not located in Beijing. Poster presenters should make their own accommodation arrangements.


This conference will select and grant the following awards:
(1) Excellent oral presentations
Outstanding Award (up to 3 winners; 2000 CNY);
Meritorious Award (up to 1winner in each sub-forum; 1000 CNY)
(2) Excellent posters
Outstanding Award (up to 3 winners; 1500 CNY);
Meritorious Award (up to 1winner in each sub-forum; 800 CNY)
(3) Excellent papers (up to 5 winners; 1000 CNY);
(4) Future scientist award (up to 3 winners; 3000 CNY, winners will speak at the closing ceremony);
(5) International comprehensive award (up to 5 winners; 500 USD).
Note: Winners of the awards listed above will be given corresponding certificates and prize money. Besides, all participants who deliver oral or poster presentations will receive a special gift. If the same participant receives multiple awards, the Organizing Committee will provide all the certificates for the award, but only the highest prizes will be granted (the prize money will not be accumulated); International comprehensive award will only be selected from the international students (not including Chinese students).


Visit and register at the official website:
Any questions, please email to:
Please follow up our official Website/Wechat account for any updates.


Grand Event for Doctoral Students

During the conference, doctoral students are the key participants. The conference has realized a new mode of “self-moderation, discussion, summary and commentary” which established a high-level academic atmosphere for doctoral students to communicate with each other.

Academic Exchange with Renowned Professors

The academic committee of the conference is composed of outstanding academic professionals in related fields. As a widely acknowledged conference by professors from home and abroad, the “Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students” has become the largest academic platform for environmental doctoral students to communicate and innovate.

Outdoor and Cultural Events

In order to expand academic vision and learn Beijing’s local culture, we gladly provide students with exchange activities like cold dinner, tours to Tsinghua’s Art Museum, Olympic Park, and visits to Eco-friendly companies, as a way to enhance academic friendship, expand visions and know more about the culture of Beijing.