Q&A | 15th ECDS

|15th ECDS|

The Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students on New Theories and New Technology of Environmental Science and Engineering, is jointly held by Tsinghua University, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (Environmental Education Committee), Young Scientists’ Association of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Environmental Quality, and State Key Joint Laboratory of Environment Simulation and Pollution Control, sponsored by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology and Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering(Journal, IF=4.155). Adhering to the purpose of “academic exchange towards innovation, wide accumulation towards great ideas,” the conference is themed “New Theories and New Technology of Environmental Science and Engineering”. It has been actively serving as a high-level academic platform for PhD students from environmental sciences and related disciplines.
The annually held conference has so far witnessed 14 successful sessions. With the increasing popularity and influence, the “Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students” has been widely recognized by teachers and doctoral students from environmental field in China, and has gradually become the most influential platform of academic exchange for doctoral students who major in environmental sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Is this conference only for Ph.D. students majoring in environmental studies?
A: At present, the eligibility of submission to the conference is only open to master’s students (China), Ph.D. students (China and overseas), and postdoctoral fellows (China and overseas), whose majors are not limited to environmental studies. As long as their research fields are related to the themes of the conference, these eligible students are welcome to participate and submit their papers. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for academic exchange and innovation. Young scholars (master’s students, Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows) who do not submit their papers can attend the conference as visitors. Later we will open a registration link for attendance via Wechat Questionnaire. Please keep yourself updated with the latest news from our Wechat public account in real time.

Q: Does the conference charge a registration fee?
A: No registration fee will be charged for this meeting. In addition, a variety of awards (prize money and gifts) will be selected and granted to a number of participants who excel in the conference.

Q: Is it required to submit an abstract for the conference? Can I just do poster presentation?
A: Participating students must submit their abstracts. If you choose to participate in Poster presentation only, you should submit the abstract as well. Your abstract must be accepted before the conference, and you are eligible for the selection of “Best Poster Award”.

Q: Is full-paper submission required for all participants?
A: This conference does not require all participants to provide the full-paper, and abstract submission can be used for participation. Subsequently, a full-paper submission page on the official website will be opened. Participants will submit their full-papers voluntarily, and the organizing committee will recommend a few excellent works to the Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering(journal).

Q: Will the papers that are submitted to this conference get affected for later contribution to other journals? Does the paper collection for this conference have a volume/issue number?
A: The main purpose of this conference is to communicate. The papers submitted to this conference are still eligible for later submission to other journals. There is no volume/issue number for the papers of this conference.

Q: Will those accepted abstracts of the conference be included by the SCI journal Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering?
A: They will not be included in the SCI journal Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering.

Q: What are the accommodation, traffic, reimbursement and other policies for different types of participants (oral, poster, visitor)?