Call for Papers | 17th ECDS

The National Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students on New Theories and New Technology of Environmental Science and Engineering (NECDS) is an annual international conference on environmental studies and associated subjects that will be held in Beijing with a primary objective of establishing an excellent academic platform for doctoral students to engage in extensive collision of advance ideas in order to boost environmental innovation via exchanging of knowledge, sharing of ideas, and interchanging of progressive technology as well as discoveries in the field of environmental science and engineering.

In the past 16 years, NECDS had hosted 16 conferences successfully with more than 2800 participants took part actively. With its growing popularity and prominence, NECDS has been widely acknowledged by experts and scholars from the discipline of environmental science and engineering in China, and has progressively become the most significant venue of academic exchange for doctoral students specializing in environmental science and engineering.

The 17th NECDS will continue to lay the foundation for intellectual exchanges among doctoral students and will consistently provide a platform for them to assert their expertise, sustaining the fine tradition of the previous conferences in encouraging academic cooperation. The 17th NECDS is mainly organized by the Tsinghua University, the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, as well as the State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control. The conference will be held from 26th to 29th of April, 2023 and be hosted by the Tsinghua University under the supports of the Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering and the Hach Company.

Details of the Conference:

· Date: April 26 – 29, 2023

· Mode: Integral of both virtual and face-to-face mode (at Tsinghua University, Beijing)

· Main Contents: Presentation of the themed topic and its subsidiary topics, poster exhibition, workshops, forums and so forth.

· Important Dates:

o Opening of Abstract Submission: January 16, 2023

o Deadline of Abstract Submission: February 28. 2023

o Announcement of Accepted Abstracts: March 27 – 31, 2023

o Confirmation of Attendance and Registration of Personal Information: April 1 – 10, 2023

o Conference Check-In: April 26, 2023

· Registration Fee: The conference does not require any amount of registration fee.


1. Water Pollution Control and Recycling: Urban Sewage and Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Process, Surface Water Pollution Control, Groundwater Pollution Control, Drinking Water Safety and Disinfection of Byproducts, Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Technology, Wastewater Recycling Technology.

2. Air Pollution and Control: Atmospheric Physics and Environmental Chemistry, Air Pollution Control, Air Pollution (haze) Monitoring, Forecasting and Warning, Air Emission Inventory and Analysis of Pollution Sources, Air Pollution Diffusion Model and Application.

3. Solid Waste Pollution Control and Recycling: Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal, Solid Waste Recycling, Solid Waste Management.

4. Environmental Chemistry: Persistent Organic Pollutants and Emerging Pollutants, Environmental Materials Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis.

5. Environmental Economics, Management and Policy: Urban Environmental Planning and Management Policy, Large Scale Environmental System Analysis and Simulation, Environmental Policy Analysis.

6. Environmental Ecology and Health: Biogeochemical Cycle, Environmental and Ecological Restoration, Soil Environment Changes and Remediation, Extreme Events and Ecological Health.

7. Implementation Pathways, Mechanisms and Policies for Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality: Energy System Modeling and Policy, Collaborative Path of Pollution and Carbon Reduction, Global Climate Response and Governance, Energy Storage and Utilization of Renewable Energy.

8. Forum of Environmental Engineering Technology Development and Innovation: Advance Environmental Technology and Application, Optimal Combination of Innovation and Environmental Technology, Development of Innovative Environmental Industry, Demonstration of Innovative Environmental Technology Application, Demonstration of Green and Low-Carbon Technology Application, Innovation of Environmental Planning, Regulation and Policy.


The 17th NECDS is calling for papers from doctoral (PhD) students with relevant discipline of studies where papers from graduate and post-graduate students are welcomed to submit as well. The conference is open for all graduate and post-graduate students to attend (see attachment for instructions). However, the Forum of Environmental Engineering Technology Development and Innovation is open for application from native doctoral students with relevant discipline of studies only.

Way of Submission

Participants of both oral and poster presentations shall submit their findings online at the official website of the NECDS ( in which oral presenters shall submit an extended abstract of the paper. Refer to the attachment for submission procedures. Announcement regarding paper submission for the Forum of Environmental Engineering Technology Development and Innovation will later be made in further meeting notice.

Important Notes

1. The extended abstract shall be written completely in English and shall be relevant to the themes of the conference. Download the template for the extended abstract and submit it at

2. In order to preserve the academic achievements of the participants, this conference will not publish presentation abstracts within the conference booklet and accepted conference papers will not be given journal number. Research findings of the conference are strictly confined to internal exchanges and discussions among conference participants only therefore subsequent submissions of the participants will not be affected.

3. Participants get to decide on the publication of their submitted papers.

4. A participant shall sign up to join the conference via oral presentation or poster presentation at a time only and only one extended abstract can be submitted from each user account. Kindly refer to the attachment for your perusal of the submission procedures.

5. The organizing committee of the conference will invite prominent experts and outstanding scholars in the disciplines of environmental studies to form the review panel to evaluate research papers for better quality of conference contents.

6. Submitted paper must be an original outcome of the participant where participant shall bear all the responsibilities as if any sorts of plagiarism or repeating submission found.

7. Please contact the organizing committee with any further submissions or conference-related inquiries via the contacts provided below. All important information regarding the application and conference will be delivered to participants through email or phone. Please ensure that the contact information is correct while registering to keep up with the latest update from us.

Contact Us

· Email:

· Site:

· WeChat Official Channel: 全国博士生学术会议gh_1fbb20a5bb5a


· Contacts:

Mr. Ding Haojie

Email:  Tel: 18811081997

Ms. Lei Jiesi

Email: Tel: 13880916345

We look forward to have your presence at the NECDS!

Committee of the 17th NECDS

January, 2023

Appendix A: Procedures of Submission

Step 1: Log on to the official website of NECDS at and sign up for a user account.

Step 2: Sign in to the registered account and download the template of the abstract.

Note: Please amend your drafts in accordance with the template provided. The required abstract should be completely written in English on an A4 paper with appropriate graphical illustrations.

Step 3: Fill in the required information and submit your abstract.

Note: Either oral presentation or poster presentation can be accepted. However, both ways of presentation require submission of extended abstract. Unaccepted submission for the oral presentation will be converted as poster presentation based on the reviewal and decision of the review panel. Poster presenters shall download the template of the poster from the official website as provided and create their own posters fitting into the structure of the template.

Step 4: Login to your personal user account at the official website to check the status of your submission as your submission has been completed.

Step 5: If your submission has been accepted, you may submit your complete research paper to the Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering at

Note: If you wish to publish your paper at the journal as mentioned above, you may submit your complete research paper at according to its respective requirements and highlight “National Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students” on the filename of your cover letter.

Step 6: Confirm your attendance and complete the registration.

Note: Log on to the official website of NECDS and login to your user account to fill in the required information for the current procedure.

Step 7: Upload your conference poster and start designing presentation slides for oral presentation.

Note: Participants who opt to join the conference via poster presentation shall submit their conference poster in their respective user accounts on the official website of NECDS. The conference poster shall be submitted in form of image file format or portable document format (PDF) only. Uploaded posters of which meet the requirements of the conference will be exhibited online and go through the selection process. Besides, no template is provided for oral presentation participants for creating presentation slides. However, participants of oral presentation are allowed to design their presentation slides merging with their respective institutions’ theme or incorporate the presentation slides with the label of the conference.

Step 8: Check in and complete the registration in person at the conference venue.

Note: Conference guidelines will be sent to participants’ emails before the event takes place.

Instructions for Conference Attendees:

1. Subscribe the official WeChat channel of NECDS by searching gh_1fbb20a5bb5a (全国博士生学术会议) or by scanning the QR code below to stay updated with the announcement of open registration for attendees.


2. Apply to participate the conference as an attendee where the instructions and joining info will be delivered to your email.

3. Comply with the instructions and rules of the event ethically while joining the conference.